Magnicity app

Experience the city from above!

An app full of information, videos and anecdotes about the city, its buildings, history and more.


The view of Rotterdam is breathtaking, but what do you see when you are standing on top of the Euromast? From now on we will magnify the city with the Magnicity app!

By using the app you get to know the city of Rotterdam and gather information about more than 50 buildings/icons that we have selected for you. Some icons can even be admired in 3D! In addition to the architecture, we also highlight the history of Rotterdam. Through VR technology you can see what the city looked like after the bombing in 1940 and it is possible to see the fire boundary.

By using this special app, a visit to the iconic Euromast will be extra fun and educational.

The app operates a mix of advanced 3D and digital technologies to provide the greatest possible visitor experience.
We have mainly used 360° images and photogrammetry for cityscapes, 3D content creation, motion design and traditional mobile UX design to make the app as easy to use as possible.


Not only Rotterdam can be seen in the app, but also the view of Montparnasse in Paris, the Berliner Fernsehturm and Chicago 360 can be admired.