Annual card

Enjoy the most beautiful view for a year Check out the benefits!


Great that you are thinking about purchasing an annual pass! In short, an annual pass is a one-year subscription to the most beautiful view of Rotterdam from our viewing platforms.

Perhaps you already have an annual pass and are curious about what you can do with it, then you have come to the right page!

In addition to the advantage that you can come and go as you please during our opening days, there are even more benefits associated with this card.

  • When purchasing the annual pass you will receive 4 discount vouchers (20% discount on F&B, free Euroscoop ride, free introduction, coffee and cake for your birthday). These vouchers are valid during the term of your subscription.
  • When you make a lunch or dinner reservation in our restaurant, you can bring up to 10 people for free. Your guests do not have to pay admission to visit the platforms.
  • You will receive great news first via our newsletter.

Do you not yet have an annual pass and do you want to take unlimited beautiful photos of the city, or do you just want to get up in the air more often to enjoy the beautiful view?



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  • The Mast card is valid for a visit to the platforms. The Euroscoop is exclusive and can be booked via the website.
  • The Mast card must always be provided with a digital passport photo of the card holder. The use of the Mast Card by anyone other than the card holder is not permitted.
  • The Mast Card holder is registered in a Euromast database.
  • The Euromast has the right to confiscate the card or block it in the system in the event of misuse.
  • Access is only granted upon presentation of the card.
  • The Mast card represents no value and money will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The Mast Card may not be used by resellers of Euromast services and/or products for business use.
  • The Euromast is accessible during the established opening hours.
  • The Euromast has the right to rent out the Euromast exclusively, which means that the Mast card holder is not given access to the brasserie. The platforms remain accessible to the Mast Card holder, subject to weather conditions and any technical problems.
  • The Mast Card is not always valid in combination with discount promotions, offers and/or packages.
  • If lost, a new card will be created upon request for €2.50.
  • If any changes occur in the data provided, these must be communicated to us in writing. This can be done by e-mail.
  • The Mast Card is a personal card with a photo that can only be made at the Euromast.
  • The card is personal.
  • You will receive 4 discount vouchers when purchasing, these discount vouchers are not valid in combination with special promotions and events.
  • You can take advantage of the stated offer upon presentation of a discount voucher.
  • The discount vouchers are valid for the duration of the annual subscription.