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I have a question regarding:


Here are the most common questions for visiting the Euromast. Is your question not listed? Please contact us!

You can reach the Euromast with the tram, metro, (water) taxi and of course by car. Plan your route by ov via!

A large (paid) parking area is available right across the Euromast. See Rotterdam parkeren for more information.

The parking zone across the Euromast, adjacent to the ‘Parkhaven’ street, is zone 120, part of the Rotterdam Central district.

Paid parking hours

  • Monday through Saturday between 9 am – 11 pm
  • Sundays between 12 pm – 11 pm

Parking on holidays Parking is free of charge on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday and Christmas Day. On all other official holidays, Sunday times apply.

See Rotterdam parkeren for more information about pricing.

A charging station is available at the Parkhaven, on the Euromast side. Want to know the location of the charging stations? Check for all locations!

We are open every day of the week!

From October to March 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and April to September 9:30 a.m. – 10 p.m..

The rates of visiting our platforms & Euroscoop depend on date & time. Check the ticket page for all rates.

We charge a surcharge for a Euroscope ride. Keep in mind that a visit to the revolving elevator is always subject to technical and weather conditions. If the Euroscope cannot go to the top due to these unforeseen circumstances, the platforms and thus the beautiful view of the city do remain accessible in most cases.

The duration of a visit to the Euromast is approximately one hour (excluding any restaurant visit).

The total ride takes about 7 minutes. Do bear in mind that, as it is a popular attraction. There might be a queue.

Great question! Our lifts take you up from the ground floor to the 100 metre platform in just 30 seconds. The total duration does of course also depend on how busy it is on any specific moment.

If you want to visit the Euromast by yourself, you must be at least 18 years old. If you’re younger, we will gladly welcome you together with an adult family member or other companion.

The top is 185 metres high. From this altitude, you behold the entire city of Rotterdam. On clear days you can even see The Hague on the horizon! Did you know that, until 1970, the Euromast used to be only 107 metres tall?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our stairwell is used only in the event of unexpected emergencies.

Definitely! You can access the Euromast’s WIFI network via Facebook.

It is certainly possible to purchase a voucher. Take a look at this page.

Of course! Above all, post your best photos on social media and tag us via @euromast010.

Of course! You can find these at reception. Would you like to receive information leaflets for your talk? Or do you need information leaflets for your hotel, tourist office or holiday park? If so, request information at [email protected].

In our concept store you will find all kinds of items. From magnets, cards and key rings to pens, t-shirts and bags. We don’t sell these online, but take them with you during your visit!

Certainly, the Euromast is also a fun experience for little ones. Feel free to bring them along!

Pets are not allowed on the Euromast, either on the platform or in the restaurant. Of course, assistance dogs are allowed. Will you let us know in advance that you are bringing your assistance dog? Then we will take it into account.

Our coffee corner & gift shop (concept store) on the first floor does allow four-legged friends.


We strive to be an accessible venue for all!

The 100-meter platform, restaurant, restrooms, suites and coffeecorner are all wheelchair-friendly. Only the Euroscoop ride is unfortunately not possible. Also keep in mind that the railing of the platform is quite high and may be too high for guests who cannot get out of their wheelchairs. Not to worry, as the restaurant also offers great views!

At the Parkhaven, near the Euromast, there are 3 parking spots for the disabled.

View the map here.

Definitely! So wheelchair users are also welcome to spend the night at this unique place!

Unfortunately, no. We have only one wheelchair that we use only in emergencies.


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Please refer to the ticket page.

Purchase your ticket(s) on the ticket page!

Buy tickets to the Euromast on our website. In the last step, you pay via iDEAL or credit card.

Buy tickets to the Euromast on our website. In the last step, you pay via iDEAL or credit card.

We want to make the flow of our guests as smooth as possible. That’s why we basically only sell tickets online.

Good to know; tickets are cheaper through our website than at the counter, so buy online!


If you can show your ticket(s) via your smartphone, you’ll be fine. It’s just as easy and saves a lot of paper! While scanning, set your screen brightness to maximum.

It is not possible to cancel purchased tickets. you can reschedule your tickets to another date though!

Good to know: Tickets can be moved once a day before the visit date, unfortunately this is no longer possible on the day itself.

Are you in posession of a discount promotion or have you purchased a package from one of our partners? Then you can make your booking through this page. In fact, reserving a time slot is still necessary.

Although we streamline as much as possible with online ticket sales, sometimes queues can still occur. We then welcome visitors by company and scan the tickets. This usually goes smoothly, so before you know it you are enjoying the very best views of Rotterdam.

The weather is not in anyone’s control. Are there extreme weather conditions? Then you can always move your ticket date.

Is your desired time slot not available? This could be any of the following reasons:

  • All tickets are sold out. The Euromast works with a maximum number of tickets per time slot so your preferred time slot may no longer be available. You will always find current availability in our system. We have no waiting list.
  • Our location is closed.
  • Your tickets cannot be ordered yet because the moment is too far in the future.


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After making the restaurant reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with a special link to a restaurant visitor ticket page. So be sure to buy tickets for the platforms through that link. A ticket to the platforms is required.

Have a reservation for a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner? Scan your admission ticket and report to the restaurant. Enjoy your meal!

You also pay entrance fees for the platforms and the Euroscoop when visiting a restaurant.

After making the restaurant reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with a special link to a restaurant visitor ticket page. So be sure to buy tickets for the platforms through that link. A ticket to the platforms is required.

Are you with a group of more than 12 for dinner? Then you won’t pay any access fees for the platforms. For the Euroscoop, we charge a supplement during dinner.

That’s up to you! Buy a ticket for the platforms at the time of arrival.

No, the restaurant is not running. The Euroscoop (rotating glass lift) is running though! Did you know that the Tv-Turm restaurant in Berlin does rotate? Like the Euromast, the Tv-Turm in Berlin also falls under Magnicity.

Coming for a drink alone? Cosy! Reservations are not possible for this. If you visit the Euromast, walk into the restaurant to see if a table is free. We cannot guarantee that. Also bear in mind that you always pay an entrance fee to enter the Euromast.

We have so many goodies! Here you can already feast your eyes on our menu.

Allergies or dietary requirements? No problem, indicate it while booking and we will take it into account!


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Yes, all visitors need a ticket. Upon entry, they are scanned individually.

Definitely! There are plenty of parking spaces for buses. Parking for (tour) buses is free of charge.

We do not offer group discounts. However, you can take advantage of an online discount! Get your tickets through this page.

Definitely! An experienced guide will gladly tell you all the fun facts and trivia about Rotterdam on the platform of the Euromast. Request information at [email protected].

No, we do not have an audio tour available. However, we do have a Magnicity app, a free web app (no download required) where you can find all kinds of facts and trivia about the city, its buildings, history and more!

Advance reservations are required to visit. Buy tickets in advance through the website.


Do you dare? Find frequently asked questions below. For all conditions and practical information go to the landing page.

You can do abseiling from 18 years of age. Are you 16 or 17 and have your parents’ permission? Then you are also welcome (provided your parents come along).


The abseiling season runs from May to September. Through this page, book your date and time directly.

Definitely! Just keep in mind that everyone coming along will need an entrance ticket. Buy your tickets here.

30 minutes, make sure you are on time. If you are not there at the agreed abseil time, your time is unfortunately cancelled. No refunds will be made.

Only if you secure it properly!

As you need both hands to abseil, taking photos yourself is not safe and therefore not allowed. Your friends and family won’t get close either, of course, but you can order photos via!

We set aside 15 minutes for it, but often it goes much faster!

You can go down by two at a time.

If this happens, it does not matter and you are really not the first. Refunding your money is unfortunately not possible because everything has already been taken care of. However, you can ask if someone in your party wants to take your place.

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The Euromast is easily accessible by car; there are ample parking facilities.

Public transport

The Euromast is easily accessible by water taxi, tram 8 (stop Euromast) and metro (Coolhaven station). Plan your route!