The best view
Of Rotterdam

Explore the city from breathtaking heights
from the iconic Euromast



09:30 - 22:00

Discover Rotterdam
from new heights


Push your limits, give yourself an adrenaline boost and become a unique experience richer. Do you dare to abseil from 100 meters high?


At the Euromast, enjoy the best views and good food. Our international cuisine offers something for everyone. Discover our arrangements!


The best views, light & sound show, stories about the city and stare into the depths once the floor becomes transparent!


Wake up with your head in the clouds at the most unique place in Rotterdam, including a fantastic breakfast! Check the rates here.

Ticket bundles

Book your visit to our viewing platforms, Euroscoope, restaurant, suites or reserve your abseil spot! Discover and experience Rotterdam from a great height!

General ticket

Visit the platforms
Access to the platforms at 112 meters
FREE guide with our Magnicity webapp
Scavenger hunt for children
A table in the restaurant is not guaranteed, reserve a table online for brunch, lunch, high tea, dinner
Buy online, save up to €4.
€ 16,50
€ 12,50

Complete experience

Platforms & Euroscoop
Glass floor experience! Do you dare to look down?
You'll discover colourful Rotterdam from 185 meters up
FREE use of the Magnicity web app
A table in the restaurant is not guaranteed, reserve a table online for brunch, lunch, high tea, dinner
Buy online, save up to €4.
€ 22,50
€ 18,50

Annual card

One year of unlimited access
Unlimited enjoyment of the view
Free admission for up to 10 people with a restaurant reservation
Nice discounts!
Exclusive Euroscoop
€ 29,50


Experience the thrill of Rotterdam in a unique perspective. Do you dare to look down?

  • NEW! Glass floor – Look into the depths once the glass floor becomes clear.
  • Too thrilling? You can manually make the floor opaque again at the touch of a button!
  • Swing to music by DJ Oliver Heldens
  • Enjoy a colorful light show – Get your feet up off the ground!
  • Fantastic 360 views including stories from Rotterdam
  • A colorful experience with fantastic views for all ages!

Coffeecorner & Giftshop

In our gift shop you will find fun souvenirs of the Euromast and Rotterdam, including Icon 010, Maasstroompjes, Rotterdam Coffee and limited edition items such as Heksenvuur. After your visit to the Euromast, walk through our coffee corner & gift shop on your way out. Don’t forget to bring a nice gift for yourself or someone else!

Fancy a cup of coffee? Experience our new store on the first floor! Our Coffeecorner and Giftshop are open every day from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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What our visitors say

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It really was a spectacular trip from the middle stop to the very top, with very nice images of the Rotterdam area and much further. Spinning the Euroscope allowed you to get a good look at everything several times. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Rotterdam, for young and old alike!
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Definitely recommended, excellent brunch. We were treated very kindly and the view was beautiful! After brunch, we went to the top of the Euromast. This was also well worth it. So very much enjoyed in a unique location!
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Dined here with a staff outing and had a 360-degree view of Rotterdam with the Euroscoop to 185 metres high. The weather was clear, so we had beautiful views. We had a group menu with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian. Delicious food and served out smoothly for the whole group. The plates were served without any enquiry, the waitresses kept good track of what you ordered. Great!