Top 6 Brunch Spots in Rotterdam (2023)

Rotterdam isn’t just known for its harbor and modern architecture; the city is also a delightful spot for brunch enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll guide you to six unique brunch places in Rotterdam.

Brunch bij de Euromast

1. A Historic Brunch at the Euromast

Right in the dynamic heart of Rotterdam stands an icon that towers above everything: the Euromast. As one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, the Euromast offers not only a panoramic view of Rotterdam but also an unforgettable brunch experience.

As you ascend swiftly in the elevator, prepare yourself for a gastronomic treat 100 meters above the ground. Upon arrival at the stylish restaurant, visitors are welcomed with a 360-degree view. From the sprawling harbor to the urban landscape, the entire city lies at your feet. While the view alone is worth the visit, the culinary experience completes the picture.

For a fixed price of €29.50 (€24.50 for children), the Euromast offers a set brunch menu. Although the contents of the menu vary, you can always count on freshness, quality, and a culinary reflection of Rotterdam’s diversity. Every visit to the Euromast is a medley of delightful surprises.

It’s not just a brunch, but an experience – enjoying culinary delights while hovering above the city. A visit to the Euromast is more than worth it for both Rotterdammers and visitors. Besides the brunch, you can also visit the Euromast for an unforgettable lunch, high tea or high wine in Rotterdam.


Brunch bij de Tuin

2. De Tuin van de Vier Windstreken – A Natural Oasis in the City

On the banks of the Kralingse Plas, nestled among trees and overlooking the water, lies De Tuin van de Vier Windstreken. Often simply called ‘De Tuin’, this idyllic spot offers a peaceful escape from Rotterdam’s urban hustle.

With a terrace directly on the water, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing brunch while watching swans and sailboats glide by. De Tuin serves a mix of traditional and modern brunch dishes, ranging from deluxe sandwiches to healthy acai bowls. Their freshly baked croissants, paired with a hot cup of coffee, are the perfect way to start your day.

But what truly makes De Tuin special is its atmosphere. It feels like stepping back in time, to a period of calm and simplicity, away from modern-day rush.

Whether you’re meeting friends, having a romantic brunch date, or just enjoying nature’s beauty alone, De Tuin van de Vier Windstreken is a must-visit in Rotterdam.


Brunch bij de Bakkerswinkel

3. De Bakkerswinkel – Where Craft Traditions Come Alive

In one of Rotterdam’s charming corners, we find De Bakkerswinkel, a tribute to the timeless craft of baking. From the moment you enter this rustic place, you’ll feel a blend of nostalgia and modern elegance. With brick walls, wooden beams, and vintage decor, every visitor is transported to a cozy European bakery from bygone times.

De Bakkerswinkel is known for its freshly baked bread and pastries. Here you’ll find classics like crispy croissants, rich scones, and airy eclairs, all prepared according to traditional recipes. But what De Bakkerswinkel really excels at is giving a new spin to classic brunch items. Their ‘Dutch Breakfast Platter’ is a feast for both the eyes and taste buds, featuring a selection of local bread, cheeses, and freshly squeezed juices.

Apart from their impressive food offerings, the warm and welcoming atmosphere at De Bakkerswinkel keeps guests coming back. Whether you choose a window seat overlooking the lively street or a cozy nook in the corner, you’ll always feel welcome and cared for.


Baker & Moore brunch in Rotterdam

4. Baker & Moore – Where Tradition and Innovation Meet

In the beating heart of Rotterdam lies a brunch gem: Baker & Moore. This place exudes a unique blend of modernity and craftsmanship, evident in both its interior and menu. As the smell of fresh bread greets you upon entry, the stylish yet homely interior invites you for a relaxed dining experience.

The menu at Baker & Moore is a tribute to classic brunch favourites with a twist. Do try the Toast Avocado Smash, a mix of creamy avocado, spicy sriracha mayo, egg, and dukkah. Bread lovers will rejoice in the irresistible and award-winning Grilled Baker. A unique feature is their ‘Create Your Own’ concept, allowing guests to unleash their culinary creativity by choosing their brunch combinations from a variety of fresh ingredients.

With every bite and sip, their commitment to quality and craftsmanship becomes evident. Whether you’re in the mood for a robust coffee or a refreshing smoothie, Baker & Moore’s drink menu doesn’t disappoint. For those wanting to taste the real flavor of Rotterdam in a contemporary setting, a visit to Baker & Moore is essential.


DBC Brunch Rotterdam

5. De Brunch Club – Urban Chic Meets Culinary Finesse

In Rotterdam’s creative heart, you’ll find De Brunch Club, a perfect blend of modern style and authentic brunch culture. With an interior that combines industrial elements with warm, homey details, you’ll immediately feel at home in this buzzing environment.

The menu is an adventure in itself. Classics like ‘Eggs Benedict’ receive a unique ‘Rotterdam’ twist, while healthier options like the vegan ‘Green Morning Bowl’ celebrate the season’s freshness. But what really makes the food shine is the creativity and passion with which each dish is presented.

Besides delicious food, De Brunch Club offers a range of refreshing drinks, from nutritious smoothies to handcrafted lemonades. Moreover, regular events and workshops bring an added dimension of culture and community to this hotspot.

For a brunch experience that’s both tasty and atmospheric, De Brunch Club is the place to be.


Brunch in Rotterdam

6. Brunch Bar Rotterdam – Een Hedendaagse Draai aan Klassieke Brunch

In a lively Rotterdam neighborhood, there’s a place that elevates brunch to a whole new level: Brunch Bar Rotterdam. With a fresh, industrial design blending modern art with vintage accents, this place offers a unique setting for an afternoon out.

From the moment you step into Brunch Bar Rotterdam, you can feel the energy. The place buzzes with life, with groups of friends laughing, couples enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, and solo brunch-goers getting lost in a good book. Clearly, this isn’t just a dining spot, but a community space.

Although the exact menu frequently changes to ensure freshness and seasonality, Brunch Bar Rotterdam always offers a mix of traditional brunch items and innovative creations. Think fresh bowls, juicy sandwiches, and tempting pastries. Their baristas are also ready to fulfill any coffee wish, from a simple espresso to the most intricate latte.

If you’re looking for a brunch spot that feels both familiar and innovative, Brunch Bar Rotterdam is your place.


Rotterdam continues to amaze with its wide range of brunch locations. Whether you’re seeking traditional and homey, sweet and refined, the highest and most panoramic, lively and nautical, or green and sustainable, Rotterdam’s brunch scene has it all.

Each place offers a unique atmosphere and taste, including the world-famous Euromast. Explore the city, savor the flavors, and enjoy an unforgettable brunch experience in Rotterdam!

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