Combination tickets

With our combination tickets, you can combine a visit to the Euromast with other top attractions in the city.

Euromast & Pancake boat

Cruise includes unlimited pancakes & beautiful views!
75-minute cruise including unlimited pancakes
Visit to the Euromast including Euroscoop ride
Admission adult
€ 44,00

Euromast & Spido

Cruise through Europe's greatest ports!
Acces to Euromast
Port tour of 75 minutes
€ 29,25

Euromast & ss Rotterdam

Experience the largest Dutch cruise ship ever built!
Acces to Euromast
Audio tour of Rotterdam's most famous ship
€ 25,00

Euromast & Rivercruise

See the city from the water and from above!
Choice: 60-, 90- or 120-minute cruise incl. live tour guide
Visit Euromast including Euroscoop ride to the top
€ 35,00

Euromast & Splashtours

Experience Rotterdam on land, by sea and "in the air"
Admission to the Euromast + Euroscoop
60-minute city tour with Splashtours through the city and in the water
€ 49,00


Experience the thrill of Rotterdam in a unique perspective. Do you dare to look down?

  • NEW! Glass floor – Look into the depths once the glass floor becomes clear.
  • Too thrilling? You can manually make the floor opaque again at the touch of a button!
  • Swing to music by DJ Oliver Heldens
  • Enjoy a colorful light show – Get your feet up off the ground!
  • Fantastic 360 views including stories from Rotterdam
  • A colorful experience with fantastic views for all ages!

Visit the restaurant

Complete your visit to the Euromast with brunch, lunch, high tea, high wine or dinner. While having a culinary experience at the Brasserie, feast your eyes and enjoy the beautiful view of Rotterdam.