Romantic Dining in Rotterdam: A Guide to Enchanting Locations

Rotterdam, a city renowned for its dynamic skyline and cultural diversity, offers a range of unique dining experiences ideal for romantic outings. From the historical allure of Hotel New York to the modern elegance of the Euromast, the city blends culinary excellence with breathtaking views and atmospheric settings. This article takes you on a culinary journey through some of Rotterdam’s most romantic dining spots. Whether you’re looking for a dinner under the starry sky, an eclectic fusion experience, or a romantic cruise along the Maas, Rotterdam has it all. Each restaurant offers a unique combination of ambiance, flavor, and view, making every meal an unforgettable experience for you and your (future) loved one.


The Euromast: Dining with Breathtaking Views

The Euromast in Rotterdam, an emblem of the city, offers an exceptional setting for a romantic dinner. In the Brasserie, situated 100 meters high, awaits an unparalleled panoramic view over Rotterdam and the Maas. As evening falls, the view transforms into a sparkling sea of lights, creating a magical and intimate atmosphere.


The Euromast’s kitchen emphasizes sustainability and quality, with dishes composed of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A standout is the “Sliptong,” served with fries, salad, lemon, and tartar sauce. This classic fish dish, prepared with the freshest ingredients, offers a taste experience as impressive as the view.


The Euromast is not just perfect for a romantic dinner, but also for celebrating special moments like marriage proposals or anniversaries. The attentive staff and refined décor contribute to an unforgettable experience. After dinner, the observation deck offers a beautiful opportunity for a romantic stroll, admiring the twinkling city lights below.


The combination of stunning views, excellent dishes, and a romantic atmosphere makes the Euromast one of the most exceptional dining locations in Rotterdam. It’s the perfect place to experience an evening full of love and beauty with your loved one.

The Rooftop at GHG: Modern Romance atop the Groot Handelsgebouw

In the heart of Rotterdam, atop the iconic Groothandelsgebouw, lies The Rooftop at GHG, an urban oasis offering a modern twist on romantic dining. This place is a treasure for those seeking a dining experience with a spectacular view of Rotterdam’s skyline.


Upon entering, you’re welcomed by a stylish, modern décor that instantly conveys luxury and comfort. The spacious terrace provides a breathtaking 360-degree view over the city, turning every meal into a visual spectacle. Here, among the twinkling lights and starry sky, you find an intimate setting perfect for a night full of romance.


The kitchen at The Rooftop at GHG reflects Rotterdam’s diversity and innovation. Focusing on seasonal and local ingredients, the menu offers a range of refined dishes that delight both the eye and palate. Whether opting for a sophisticated dinner or a light, casual meal, each dish is carefully crafted to provide a unique taste experience.


Besides dinner, The Rooftop at GHG also boasts an impressive cocktail menu, perfect for enjoying a drink while admiring the sunset over the city. The combination of delicious cocktails, innovative dishes, and the breathtaking view makes this an ideal location for a romantic date night.


Note: The Rooftop at GHG is open until the end of December 2023.

Dinner Cruise: A Unique Blend of Culinary Indulgence and Enchanting Views

A dinner cruise in Rotterdam offers a unique mix of culinary indulgence and enchanting views, perfect for a romantic evening. As you sail over the calm waters of the Maas, Rotterdam’s skyline unfolds in all its glory. Key landmarks like the Erasmus Bridge and the Euromast are beautifully lit, reflecting gracefully in the water, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere.


The cruises, often organized by renowned companies like Spido, offer a range of dining experiences, from intimate, upscale dinners to relaxed buffet-style meals. Each dish is carefully composed with attention to local ingredients and flavors, allowing you to enjoy not only Rotterdam’s culinary richness but also the romantic setting on the water.


The onboard experience is enriched by soft background music or live entertainment, adding an extra dimension of sophistication and pleasure to the evening. This musical accompaniment is perfect for post-dinner conversations or simply relaxing and enjoying the starry sky.


Additionally, the cruise offers a perspective on Rotterdam that can’t be experienced from land. The city lights dancing on the water, the gentle sway of the boat, and the atmosphere of tranquility and exclusivity make it an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect setting for celebrating an anniversary, making a marriage proposal, or just for a memorable night out.


A dinner cruise in Rotterdam is much more than a meal; it’s a romantic adventure that delights all the senses. It offers a chance to indulge in the city’s culinary delights in style, surrounded by its breathtaking beauty, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a special evening filled with love and luxury.

By Ami: An Eclectic Fusion Experience in Rotterdam

By Ami in Rotterdam offers a unique and colorful dining experience, perfect for a romantic night out. The restaurant stands out with its beautifully decorated interior and a menu that embodies a creative mix of various cuisines. Here, you and your partner can enjoy organic and sustainable dishes that are not only delicious but also a feast for the eyes.


Known for its cozy and vibrant atmosphere, By Ami invites couples to enjoy a selection of exquisite starters and desserts. A special recommendation is the rolo cheesecake, a perfect conclusion to a romantic meal. Every dish at By Ami is prepared with attention to detail, and the colorful presentation adds to the unique dining experience.


By Ami is more than a restaurant; it’s a place where a love for food and aesthetics come together. It’s ideal for couples seeking a culinary adventure in a lively and artistic environment, where each dish tells a story and the passion for cooking is palpable.


Hotel New York: Romance Along the Rotterdam Waterfront

Hotel New York, located in the iconic former headquarters of the Holland-America Line in Rotterdam, is the perfect blend of historical charm and culinary finesse, ideal for a romantic dinner. With its rich maritime history and an ambiance that mixes nostalgia with modern elegance, this hotel and restaurant offer a unique atmosphere for a loving evening.


Famous for its excellent seafood and classic Dutch dishes, the restaurant promises a gastronomic experience. A particular recommendation on the menu is the ‘Fruits de Mer’, a rich platter of fresh seafood that reflects the essence of Hotel New York’s kitchen. The terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Maas, ideal for a romantic dinner at sunset. The combination of the historic building, exquisite cuisine, and enchanting waterfront view makes Hotel New York a unique location for a romantic evening.

Héroine: A Culinary World Tour in Rotterdam

Héroine, located in the heart of Rotterdam, is the perfect destination for couples seeking an exceptional dining experience. This restaurant distinguishes itself with its worldly inspiration, where various cooking styles come together in a refined, modern setting, ideal for a romantic night out. Note that this restaurant is slightly pricier than the other options in this article.


At Héroine, you can enjoy multi-course menus that offer a harmonious blend of international flavors and styles. Each dish is carefully prepared and presented, making the dining experience not just a taste sensation but also a visual delight. The restaurant’s sommelier plays a crucial role, with carefully selected wines that perfectly complement each course.


The atmosphere at Héroine is both chic and relaxed, making it the ideal place for prolonged dining and enjoying each other’s company. The combination of exquisite food, an excellent wine selection, and a warm, inviting atmosphere makes Héroine an unforgettable destination for a romantic evening out in Rotterdam.


Rotterdam proves itself as a true hotspot for lovers of culinary and romantic experiences. Whether you’re dining high above in the Euromast, enjoying the lively atmosphere at By Ami, or opting for an intimate evening at Héroine, the city offers a wide range of options that cater to every desire. The combination of delicious dishes, picturesque views, and the unique charm of each location makes every dining experience in Rotterdam a special moment. These dining locations provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating love, creating memories, and enjoying the culinary richness that Rotterdam has to offer. So, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a marriage proposal, or just wanting a special night out, Rotterdam’s romantic dining spots offer a perfect mix of taste, ambiance, and love.

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