Sustainable location

Sustainable & socially responsible Green Key Gold


In 1960, the doors of the Euromast opened, Holland’s very first high-altitude experience. The goal? To surprise our guests with a unique view of the view and life in port city Rotterdam. This goal has never changed, but of course the design and approach has not stood still.

We want many generations after us to be able to enjoy the Euromast and its unparalleled view. That is why we have a Golden Green Key Certificate. This is highest level of proven sustainability for day recreation. With this we follow measurable guidelines for sustainability policies, which are aimed at treating people and the environment with care. For example, we use green energy, there is a special waste policy and water quality is managed by expert Biolab Research & Solutions. That means responsible enjoyment together!


Our chefs use as much daily fresh produce and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients as possible. This not only makes our dishes even tastier, but also a lot better for the environment. With every update of our menu, we always take a closer look to see if something could be even more sustainable.


As a face in the Rotterdam cityscape, we also set the tone socially. For example, we collaborate with social projects, providing training opportunities for young people and contributing to small and large charities.

For over half a century, the Euromast has been the ultimate high-altitude experience. Eating, drinking, doing business and partying, sleeping and waking up, discovering and experiencing. This is what we hope to offer our guests for decades to come!


Green Key is the largest sustainability label in the Netherlands for the tourism and recreation industry. We work hard to be the most sustainable location possible with an eye for people and the environment.

View the environmental policy statement here

Euromast considers sparing the environment as much as possible as a result of its
business activities as one of its main objectives.